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The statue of Aypex.

The Statue of Aypex was a statue built on Thoraxia by the friendly inhabitants there, in honor of a hero that saved their race some time ago that held a red Chaos Emerald in each of its six hands. While he was lost in space, Sonic encountered the planet and its inhabitants, and came across the statue when he was exploring their city with Deeble, who served as Sonic's guide. When looking at the statue, he wondered about the link between those red Chaos Emeralds and the green ones back at home. (StH: #126)

Sometime later, A.D.A.M. initiated his plan to take over Mobius by using Super Shadow and Turbo Tails as a beacon and magnet to draw the Chaos Emeralds from where they rested to Mobius. This ripped the red Emeralds from the statue's hands. (StH: #169)

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