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Original Continuity

The Stardust Speedway is an area within Collision Chaos Zone- a zone created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik in which Sonic the Hedgehog battled/raced Metal Sonic so that Sonic could save Tails and Amy Rose from Dr. Robotnik. After many sharp turns and pushovers, Sonic used his super peel out move in order to get ahead of metal sonic for good. Metal Sonic tried to match Sonic's speed but was destroyed in the process. Sonic then crossed the finish line and rescued Tails and Amy. (STH: #25)

Background Information

  • Vector and Espio make a cameo appearance in this zone
  • The Stardust Speedway Zone is based off another zone by the same name in Sonic CD.
  • The giant Robotnik statue has the design of the Japanese Dr. Eggman design, unlike the comic character's SatAM design.

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