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Spike the Porcupine
Spike the Porcupine
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #278

Biographical information

Freedom Fighter



Physical description


  • Orange fur
  • Amber eyes
  • White Gloves with red cuffs
  • Black Boots with red cuffs
  • Black bandanna around neck
  • Red and grey goggles on forhead
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Enhanced speed
  • Spins like a tornado

Spike the Porcupine is a Mobian porcupine and the leader of faux freedom fighter group, the Desert Raiders. In reality, he is an associate of the Midesta Egg Army


Early life

Inspired by the Freedom Fighters, Spike, Sonar the Fennec, and Trevor Burrow formed a team of Freedom Fighters at Shamar, protecting it from the Egg Army. (StH: #278)

Shattered World Crisis

Spike and his team later "rescued" Sonic, Antoine D'Coolette, Big the Cat, and Chip from an ambush from the Midesta Egg Army in the Arid Sands Zone. After Spike and his team drove off the Egg Soldiers, he was greeted by Sonic himself, shocking the young aspiring hero. Spike aided the Freedmom Fighters in saving Ehsan, but was soon revealed to be allies of Egg Boss Nephthys the Vulture. (StH: #278 #279)

When Nephthys went to Eggmanland to fight the Naugus Twins, Spike became concerned about her safety. Spike and Sonar also welcomed Nephthys back from her mission. Spike soon watched Sonic and Sally's broadcast, and pretended to join in with the worldwide assault. (SU: #83, #86), (StH: #283)


Like Sonic, Spike displays a sense of cockiness and a large ego. Underneath this exterior, he is an overly excited fan boy about Sonic, striving to be just like him and his allies. However, he appears somewhat oblivious, given that he did not recognize Sonic when first meeting him.


Spike bears a strong resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog, having a very similar body structure and quill style, although Spike has more quills than Sonic. He also has a slightly longer tail and more round ears. He has amber-colored eyes, mainly orange fur with black stripes around the tip of his quills, and peach fur on his front torso and muzzle, the latter which has cheek tuffs. For attire, Spike wears grey-framed red goggles, white gloves with red and black cuffs, tall red and gray boots, and a black scarf.


Spike possesses a degree of super speed and can perform a maneuver similar to the Spin Attack where he spins around like a tornado with his arms out to attack with powerful punches.

Background Information

  • Spike's appearance and abilities are a direct reference to Sonic, reflecting Spike's admiration for him. This is likely a reference to how porcupines are mistakenly associated with hedgehogs.

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