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The Spider Troupe are a special ops unit of G.U.N., and as such have worked with Team Dark.


Spider Troupe was selected by Abraham Tower to join Team Dark on a mission to the New Black Comet in the midst of the Shattered World Crisis. Their objective was to plant a nuclear explosive that would destroy the comet and its compliment of Black Arms. The two teams soon boarded the comet and were greeted by a squad of Black Arms attackers, who were handily dispatched by Shadow the Hedgehog and his teammates. Unfortunately, Shadow subsequently split off from the rest of the team, only to reappear to oppose them after being subjected to brainwashing by Black Death and Eclipse the Darkling. Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega battled their teammate while Spider Troupe attempted to complete the mission, but they were harried by the Black Arms and hunted in particular by Eclipse. Fortunately, Rouge and Omega soon brought Shadow back to his senses, and came to the aid of Spider Troupe while Shadow engaged Black Death. Though battered, the two units managed to accomplish their mission and returned to Mobius, though Eclipse escaped with eggs containing the monstrous Dark Arms. (SU: #59, #60, #61, #62)

Spider Troupe

Spider Troupe following their ordeal on the comet.



  • Giga Trooper-a G.U.N. mechanoid piloted by Mantle; it was destroyed during the group's mission on the New Black Comet.

Background Information

  • The members of Spider Troupe are named after major characters from Archie Comics, specifically the inhabitants of Riverdale:
    • Captain Andrews is named after Archie Andrews.
    • Cooper is named after Betty Cooper.
    • Lodge is named after Veronica Lodge.
    • Clayton is named after Chuck Clayton.
    • Mantle is named after Reggie Mantle.
  • Spider Troupe's name comes from Sonic Adventure 2, specifically the F-6t Big Foot boss, which is described as belonging to Spider Troop. Other unit references involving GUN vehicles include Scorpion Troop and Mantis Platoon.

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