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Current Continuity

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First Appearance

Sonic Universe #17

Biographical information

Battle Kukku the Sixteenth



Physical description


  • Feathers: Green
  • Eyes: Red
  • Goggles
  • Red Scarf
  • White and red Leotard
  • Brown Gloves
  • Brown Boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Speed
  • Basic combat
Notable Super Forms



Speedy is a Mobian bird who serves the Battle Bird Armada, and is the son of Battle Lord Kukku XV.


Early Activities

Speedy joined the rest of the Battle Bird Armada during their operations on Cocoa Island, during which he clashed twice with the interfering Miles "Tails" Prower. Despite their superior numbers, Speedy and his comrades were defeated and their operations foiled by the young Fox. (TA)

Shattered World Crisis

Speedy joined the rest of the armada in a surprise assault on the Sky Patrol. Donning his exoskeleton suit, Speedy and two troops navigated through the ship's interior to find and secure the Light Gaia Chip. Although he is met with some residence from Sally Acorn, Chip's attempt to help her allow Speedy to easily capture the spirit. Speedy thanked Chip for his "cooperation" before taking him back to the Battle Fortress. Soon, Speedy brought Chip to Dr. Eggman, and was ordered to take down a G.U.N. flying carrier so Eggman would not be interfered in his plans. (StH: #284, #285)




Speedy in his exoskeleton suit.

Speedy is a lime green bird with red eyes and a yellow beak. His attire consists of a white leotard with red stripe patterns on the sides and legs, a red ascot, brown gloves, matching goggles with red lenses and long brown boots. In his exoskeleton suit, Speedy wears a lime green helmet with the Battle Bird Armada's insignia on the front, a pair of white and red gauntlets with sharp metal claws, and a white jetpack.


As a bird, Speedy is capable of flight, and as his name indicates is particularly fast.

Background Information

  • Speedy is based on the recurring boss character, Battle Kukku 16th (グレイトバトルクック16世 Gureito Batoru Kukku Juuroku Sei), aka "Speedy" (スピーディ Supīdi) from the classic Tails' Adventure game for the Game Gear system. Their appearences are quite similar but with a few notable differences; Speedy's game counterpart has no goggles or ascot/bandana and only his lower half is completely white, leading to a long-time belief amongst fans of the game that he was actually wearing a diaper. His fingers are also significantly longer.

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