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You may be looking for Spectre from the Mobius Prime universe.
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Spectre in Haven II

Spectre (Light Mobius) is the Light Mobius version of Spectre. He continued to operate in Haven II as a member of the Brotherhood along with his son Sojourner. The two also took care of Sabre, who was confined to a wheelchair and in a vegetative state. When Sojourner asked why Knuckles promised Julie-Su he wouldn't spy on the family, Spectre reminded his son of Julie-Su's family, adding that Lien-Da should be "languishing in a dungeon for the rest of her days." When Sojourner got the satellite feed working for inside Lien-Da's house, Spectre sarcastically asked Knuckles if he was doing this to find out what Lara-Su and her friends do behind his back. (StH: #134)

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