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For info on the Mobius version of this character, see Spectre; for the Light Mobius version, see Spectre (Light Mobius).

Spectre was a Guardian and a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians from Dark Mobius, a parallel future Zone. His history was presumably near identical to that of his counterpart from the Prime Zone, up until the point that Dark Enerjak took Spectre's descendant Knuckles as his newest host. Knuckles' aggressive efforts to bring his own version of order to Mobius led to conflict between him and the Brotherhood. In particular, Spectre's condemnation of Knuckles' association with the Dark Legion prompted the younger Echidna to send Spectre flying through a wall. (ASUB)

Background Information

  • Spectre was the only member of the Dark Mobius Brotherhood to be mentioned in canon material, and then only on the defunct Sonic Universe blog. His fate and that of the Brotherhood remains unknown, as they were not seen resisting Enerjak alongside the Dark Freedom Fighters nor amongst his victims who were seen either with their Cores removed or as part of his army of Prelates.

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