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Current Continuity

"Zone of Silence" redirects here; you may be looking for the Zone that was merged with it to create the Special Zone in the original continuity, The Void.

The Special Zone is a zone which once acted as a place of banishment for King Acorn and Walter Naugus when Dr. Eggman took over Mobotropolis.


A King's Prison

New Betrayal of Max and Naugus

King Acorn and Naugus are banished into the Special Zone.

When King Acorn's royal adviser, Dr. Eggman, betrayed him and took over Mobotropolis, the dictator banished the overthrown King into the Special Zone along with the royal wizard, Naugus. After realizing their first rescuee was really Naugus in disguise, the Knothole Freedom Fighters later managed to rescue the real King Acorn from the zone upon taking back Mobotropolis. (FCBD: #8; StH: #288)


The Special Zone is evidently a mystical dimension that is difficult to escape, as even Naugus proved unable to break free from it with his magic.

Background Information

  • The Special Zone originates from various Sonic videogames, which could be played between zones and, if cleared, would award the player with a Chaos Emerald.
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