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Spagonia University

Muttski in Spagonia University following Chuck's abduction.

Spagonia University is a research institute in Spagonia where Professor Pickle does research.


Pickle and his colleague Charles Hedgehog were doing research here when they were abducted by Dr. Eggman's forces under E-106 Eta. Chuck's assistant Ben Muttski subsequently contacted the Knothole Freedom Fighters with news of this event. (StH: #257)

Background Information

  • Spagonia University first appeared in the game Sonic Unleashed.
  • Before appearing in the comic, the University was first mentioned in the Sonic Super Digests short-lived "Professor Pickles Nature Notebook" feature. This was when the comic was still in its original Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, implying that it existed in that timeline, but this has yet to he confirmed.

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