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The Southern Baronies referred to a region in the southern territory of the Kingdom of Acorn.


The baronies were created by King Abraham Acorn in an effort to restore faith in the monarchy following King George's Folly, a war instigated by his father George Acorn. The Baronies eventually became dangerously powerful and unruly, and King Silvanus Acorn acted to bring them back under the authority of the House of Acorn. This controversial circumstance may have been the beginnings of future tensions between the Baronies and the kingdom, which expressed itself in various ways in future generations. During the Great War some within the Southern Baronies conspired with the Overland to fight the "oppressive" Kingdom of Acorn. The Rabbot family was involved in this to some degree, with Beauregard Rabbot claiming that his niece Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette's parents died fighting in the service of the Overland. Additionally, Trey Scales-traitor to the Original Freedom Fighters-wore a hat with the symbol of the Southern Baronies militia, possibly indicating that his treachery may have had a higher source than his own personal gain. Despite these tensions, the Southern Baronies remained under the control of the Kingdom and later the Republic of Acorn. Vanilla the Rabbit and her daughter Cream lived in a large estate next to a Chao Garden within the Southern Baronies before being forced to relocate to New Mobotropolis. (SSSM: #3, StH: #217, CSE)

Background Information

  • Information on the Southern Baronies was given by writer Ian Flynn in two posts on the defunct Sonic Universe blog.
  • The Southern Baronies appear to be based on the former Confederate States of America, with their conflict with the Kingdom of Acorn resembling the American Civil War.
  • With the possible exception of Trey Scales, all known Mobians from the Southern Baronies have been Rabbits: Bunnie, her parents, Beauregard, Lulumae, Vanilla, and Cream.