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Thunderbolt with Army

Thunderbolt with Egg Soldiers.

The Soumerca Egg Army is an Egg Army division led by Egg-Boss Thunderbolt and made up of mixed Mobians.


Shattered World

Egg Army Dig Site

The Soumerca's Chaos Emerald digging operation.

During the Shattered World Crisis, the Soumerca Egg Army came across one of the Chaos Emeralds, but was ordered not to send it to Dr. Eggman. Instead, they were to use it as bait to lure in the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Soon enough, Sonic the Hedgehog arrived with Sally Acorn and Amy Rose, and they were attacked by E-113 Xi. Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel arrived to aid them, only for all five Mobians to be attacked by Thunderbolt and the rest of the Egg Army. However, their trap was broken quite handily after Sonic transformed into the Werehog, who proceeded to decimate and scatter the Egg Army forces. Determined to redeem herself and her unit in Eggman's eyes, Thunderbolt ordered the construction and deployment of the Flying Dynamo against Sonic, but it was handily destroyed. Some of the soldiers of this unit later watched the Chaos Emerald Championship, only to be caught by an irked Thunderbolt. (StH: #264, #265, #266, #267, #269)

Known Members


  • E-113 Xi: Xi was dispatched by Dr. Eggman to aid the Soumerca Egg Army in their battle with the Freedom Fighters, only to be defeated by Mighty the Armadillo.
  • Thunderbolt's Exo-Suit: Thunderbolt often goes into battle equipped with a large battle-suit that she is entirely contained within.
  • Shock Devices: Powerful machines that unleash paralyzing blasts of electricity.
  • Flying Dynamo: An electrically equipped variant of the Fire Breath robot developed by Dr. Eggman; destroyed by the Werehog, Mighty, and Ray.

Background Information

  • The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion was the first chapter to be introduced with a mixed membership-all previous chapters had been composed of a single race, whereas the Soumerca chapter is made up of members of two.
  • The Soumerca chapter was also the only Legion to have two Grandmasters instead of one, both of whom were disgraced outcasts from their native peoples.
  • A female Cat Legionnaire was seen in SU #37 being antagonized by Drago. While it was never confirmed, some fans are of the opinion that this was the long-missing Hershey St. John in disguise.
  • Like the Efrika Dark Egg Legion, the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion was replaced by an Egg Army following the Super Genesis Wave, and is not known to retain any of its previous membership. This is likely due to the Felidae and Drago being characters created by former head writer Ken Penders.


The Soumerca Egg Soldiers are a group of Mobians from various races.

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