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Original Continuity


An overhead map view of Soumerca.

Soumerca is a continent in the southern hemisphere of Mobius.


Ancient History

The continent of Soumerca is the ancient home of the Felidae and the Wolf Pack, as well as the site of Ixis Vale's tomb. Some time after the Forgotten War and 4000 years before the First Robotnik War, it was visited by a group of Echidnas from Albion seeking a new home. This group ended up fighting with the Felidae, and split into three factions: the Knuckles Clan, Nocturnus Clan, and a group of intellectuals who left to escape the conflict eventually traveling to Downunda and building Echidnaopolis. The Knuckles Clan were eventually wiped out by the vengeful Chaos, while the Nocturnus Clan disappeared as a result of the Argus Event. At some point, a mystical stone known as the Ancient Onyx became a sacred artifact to both the Felidae and Wolves, as well as being used to imprison Chaos by Tikal of the Knuckles Clan. The Wolves eventually departed their homeland for lands in Northamer, and the Felidae laid claim to the entire region. (CSE)



Background Information

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