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Sonic Control
Sonic the Hedgehog (GN)
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Date Published 

November 23, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 4: Control is the fourth and final volume of the Sonic the Hedgehog Graphic Novel Series of reprints. It collects #264-#267 of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series.



  • Chapter 1
    • "Control: Part 1- Breaking Point" (StH: #264)
  • Chapter 2
    • "Control: Part 2- Unleashed!" (StH: #265)
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5

Special FeaturesEdit

Background InformationEdit

  • The cover art is from issue #264.
  • The series was, of course, intended to continue after this point, but was discontinued along with every Archie Sonic publication due to SEGA ending their partnership with Archie Comics Publications.


  • Both instances of #264's cover-the overall cover and the chapter cover-have the opening page to "Control: Part 1", which could be seen through the Werehog's scratches on the original issue, was removed.