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You may be looking for the King Sonic from Light Mobius, or Sonik from Mobius (Galaxy). For other versions of Sonic, see: Sonic (disambiguation)

Sonic future01
King Sonic Acorn
First Appearance

Sonic In Your Face

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #119 (in a flashback)

Biographical information

at least 32 (born on day 162, 3220 - died 3252 or later)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Physical description


  • Height: 70 marks
  • Weight: 7.2 stone
  • Fur: Blue
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: Peach
  • Lightweight, hyper friction resistant red shoes
  • White gloves
  • Crown
Political Alignment and Abilities

King Sonic Acorn, from an unnamed alternate future reality, was the King of Mobius. During his final battle with his version of Dr. Robotnik, he managed to defeat the tyrant even after he roboticized himself and became Robo-Robotnik. What Sonic did not realize was that his arch nemesis survived the battle by transporting his digital mind to a derelict space station in orbit. With Robotnik incapacitated and believed to be dead, peace ensued across Mobius. Sonic eventually married Sally Acorn and had two children with her, Sonia and Manik. Having ruled peacefully over the Kingdom of Acorn for many years, he and Sally commissioned Rotor to build a new NICOLE, based on a similar computer that Sally had owned in her youth that was destroyed in the final battle with Robotnik. (StH: #22, #119, IYF)

After a brief encounter with Robotnik Prime, who was transported to their universe inadvertently by his rogue creation E.V.E., despite suspicion King Sonic dismissed what he and his family witnessed as a "freak of nature" and assured his wife that Robotnik was dead with Sonic whispering to himself "I hope" indicating doubt in his own assurance. Unbeknownst to him, Robotnik Prime's disappearance was simply due to him being transported aboard the space station Robo-Robotnik's consciousness was stranded on. The encounter with Robotnik Prime encouraged Robo-Robotnik to seek a means of survival, and he eventually rebuilt a body for himself using the piece of the Giant Borg in their universe. King Sonic and his entire family were subsequently killed by Robo-Robotnik when he nuked Mobotropolis. (StH: #22, #75)


Despite being older, Sonic's physical look contained no noticeable changes, even wearing his usual attire of white gloves and his trademark red and white sneakers. The only addition to his attire is, of course, the royal crown worn on his head.

In his first appearance, Sonic had the physical build of his "classic" design, complete with his original black eyes. In his most recent appearance however, he had the longer spines and emerald green eyes of his modern look. The reason for this is never explained, despite the in-canon explination for his Prime Zone counterparts change in design.

Background Information

  • This version of Sonic the Hedgehog is the first known alternate future version of Sonic to be introduced in the comic. The second version from Light Mobius bore a great deal of resemblance to this Sonic, both in family setup and in attire.
  • The fact that this zone holds a piece of the Giant Borg strongly implies that this Sonic must have been part of the army of Sonics from around the multiverse in Sonic the Hedgehog #19.
  • Former head writer Ken Penders' view was that the Robo-Robotnik from that issue was the same entity who later became Dr. Eggman, meaning that this version of Sonic would have been the same as Cyborg Sonic. However, current head writer Ian Flynn has retconned the plot by identifying the two Robo-Robotniks separately, meaning that the two Sonics are likewise different beings, and there is no reason to think this Sonic was ever a cyborg.
  • Sonic might be indirectly responsible for the death of his kingdom and family (as well as himself), due to his ignorance at Robotnik's continuous existence and might have prevented the outcome had he followed his wife's suspicions.

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