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Sonic ATAP
Sonic (Another Time, Another Place)
Biographical information




Physical description


  • Fur: Cobalt Blue
  • Eyes: Emerald Green
  • Skin: Peach

White hand gloves, white socks, red sneakers with white strap and gold buckle on each.

Political Alignment and Abilities
Notable Super Forms

In another time and another place, Sonic the Hedgehog sped his way into many adventures that saw him thwarting the plots of Dr. Eggman.


These events are listed in the order of which they where published in the comic, whether these are considered the actually chronological order of said events is unknown.

Earlier Adventures

At some point in the past, Sonic was made to fight Metal Sonic during an adventure on the Little Planet. He successfully trashed the robotic doppelganger and rescued a kidnapped Amy Rose. (SSSM#3)

It's not known when in the timeline this took place, but since Sonic and Amy appear in their classic designs, it's assumed this at least happened sometime before the other stories.

Recent Adventures

After the Marauders appeared and kidnapped Knuckles the Echidna, Tails set off to call Sonic back from his travels for some help... (StH#191)

During a battle with Eggman's armada out in space, Super Sonic was trapped in a machine that drained him of his Chaos energy, resulting in an unexpected side-effect: Sonic was transformed into the Werehog. Shocked at this bizarre turn of events, Eggman disposed of Sonic and the drained Chaos Emeralds through an air lock. After waking up on the planet's surface, Sonic set out on his way to find Eggman... (StH#193)

Sonic and Tails boarded a ride to Eggman's newly built amusement park, high above the planets atmosphere, where they discover that the mad dictator has enslaved a peaceful alien race known as the Wisps to power the park. After discovering the amazing new power that these aliens can grant Sonic, the duo decided that they were going to bring the park down... (StH#219)

Sonic was thrown a surprise birthday party by his friends, including Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, the Chaotix, Rouge the Bat, and Blaze the Cat. However, the celebrations were cut short when a strange new monster known as the Time Eater appeared out of nowhere, kidnapping Sonic's friends and scattering them across time. Waking up after to find himself in a strange white void, Sonic proceeded to explore time in order to rescue his friends. He departed through a wormhole to the Green Hill Zone, unaware that a younger version of himself from the past was watching him from nearby... (StH#230)

Classic Sonic ATAP

Sonic's younger self.

(SSSM: #3)

(SU: #45)

Together with his various friends, allies, and acquaintances-including Shadow and Silver the Hedgehogs and Big the Cat-Sonic took part in the Olympics. While examining the Olympic stadium with Tails, he was struck by the Olympic emblem, particularly the gold ring included in it. Snapping out of it, he set out to take part, unaware that Eggman was once again scheming with the aid of Orbot and Cubot. He was soon alerted to the danger by Cream and Marine the Raccoon, who informed him that the other competitors had disappeared just as he, Tails, and Shadow were attacked by giant Caterkillers.

With all of his friends captured, Sonic issued a challenge to his nemesis: a competition in all the Olympic events, with the winner taking charge of Sonic's friends. Eggman accepted, but put Metal Sonic forward as his competitor. Sonic held out against his mechanical rival throughout several events, until coming to the final tie-breaker: a hundred-meter dash. Drained by his exertions, Sonic seemed certain to lose, until he channeled the Olympic Spirits of "Hope, Friendship, Unity, Peace, and Competition," restoring his strength and allowing him to easily triumph. Victory achieved, he celebrated with his freed friends, and expressed his eagerness to take part in the Olympics again. (StH: #242)

Background Information

  • It's possible that this Sonic and his Mobius Prime counterpart were merged in the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline due this version of Sonic having a history closer to his video games.

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