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Sonic Universe is an ongoing comic title set within the Archieverse, designed to expand the horizon of the fictional universe. It began its run February 25th, 2009 and is subsequently released monthly by Archie Comics along with its counterpart title Sonic the Hedgehog. The objective of the series is to expand upon the Archieverse continuity and focus on other characters besides Sonic the Hedgehog, including Shadow and Knuckles. Typically the series consists of four-issue long story arcs, though single-issue stories have also appeared. Four issues were also incorporated into the Worlds Collide crossover event, featuring a crossover between the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and Mega Man, and three issues were a part of its sequel story arc Worlds Unite along with the aforementioned titles plus Sonic Boom. As of the forty-first issue, Sonic Universe is the longest running spinoff of the main Sonic the Hedgehog comic, surpassing the previous record held by the Knuckles the Echidna series, as well as the longest running Archie Sonic publication overall beside the main series, a record previously held by Sonic X.

The first 50 issues take place in the comic's original continuity, while issues 55 and onward take place in the new Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity (after a four issue interval dedicated to the aforementioned crossover).

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Story Arcs

One Issue Stories

  • Race for the Stars (#45) A tie-in to the game Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed.
  • Forged in Fire (#50) The second milestone issue. Revolves around a newly rebuilt Metal Sonic hunting down and having another battle with Shard. The ending of the story ties into Worlds Collide. This is a 48-page issue which also features a reprint of "Go Ahead, Mecha my Day" Parts 3 and 4 from Sonic the Hedgehog #25. This is the final issue of the series to take place in the original Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.
  • Fury (#75) The third milestone issue. See's Sonic racing Metal Sonic for a Chaos Emerald. But a Genesis Portal interferes, sending the two to a world filled with lava. Picks up from where Sonic the Hedgehog #272 left off, and leads directly into the Worlds Unite crossover.

Issues part of a multi-series arc

  • Worlds Collide (#51-54) parts 2, 5, 8 and 11 of the first 12-part crossover between the Archie Sonic and Archie Mega Man comic series. This story bridges the Pre and Post-Super Genesis Wave continuities.
  • Worlds Unite (#76-78) parts 1, 5 and 9 of the second 12-part crossover between the Archie Sonic and Archie Mega Man series', as well the worlds of Sonic Boom, Mega Man X and various other SEGA and Capcom franchises.

Landmark Issues

Background Information

  • Sonic Universe is the first Archie Sonic spin-off series to have reached a second milestone issue.
  • Issue #50 of Sonic Universe was originally solicited as being an epilogue to the Sonic Underground storyline, but was later changed for unknown reasons.

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