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Sonic Super Special Magazine
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Archie Comics

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Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 14 is the fourteenth and final issue of Archie's Sonic Super Special Magazine comic series.


Official Solicitation

As Archie Action Comics races toward the WORLDS UNITE crossover event, prepare yourself with an all-new prequel tale: THE GENESIS PORTAL! When a strange energy signature appears on Sonic’s shattered world, what could it mean for our heroes and their fight to save the planet? And what ominous implications will this have for the WORLDS UNITE event? Featuring new story and art from the superstar Archie Sonic team! The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you’ve never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog-hero! This issue also features a special encore selection from the history-making “WORLDS COLLIDE” storyline, and much, much more! All this plus the extra features you love, an interview with Sonic newcomer Diana Skelly AND a super special shiny foil-enhanced cover featuring art by Sonic comic superstar Ben Bates!

Reprinted Stories

  • "Sonic Comic Origins: Into the Unknown" (FCBD: #9)
  • "Control: Part 2- Unleashed!" (StH: #265)
  • "Champions: Part 1- The Gang's All Here" (StH: #268)
  • "Babylon Rising: Part 2- Reunion" (SU: #34)
  • "The Chase: Part 2- Locomotion Commotion" (StH: #259)
  • "Sonic Unleashed" (StH: #193)

Background Information

  • This issue was originally scheduled to be released in March 2015, but was delayed. This issue briefly saw a digital release in June that same year but was quickly removed again. The issue has still yet to see a physical release.
    • It's been assumed the series has been cancelled after this issue, as the originally scheduled fifteenth issue was later changed into the fifteenth issue of the Sonic Super Digest series.
  • The solicit for this issue was the first piece of media to showcase "Into the Unknown" and was initially believed to be the issue where it would debut. However it ended up debuting in Sonic/Mega Man Free Comic Book Day 2015 instead (due to the aforementioned delay).
  • "Babylon Rising: Part 2" was included to promote the release of the Sonic Universe: Babylon Rising graphic novel, which was set to be released around the same time as the magazines originally scheduled release but has since been similarly delayed.

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