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SSD 14
Sonic Super Digest
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Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

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Sonic Super Digest Issue 14 is the fourteenth issue in the Sonic Super Digest series.


Reprinted Stories

  • The second half of "Hammer-Spaced" (SB: #3)
  • "Fury" (SU: #75)
  • "Champions" Part three (StH: #270)
  • "Champions" Part four (StH: #271)
  • "A Ray of Hope" (StH : #272
  • "Spark of Life" Part two (SU : #72 )

Background Information


Sonic & Tails 2 Japanese boxart.

  • The cover art is based on the Japanese box art for Sonic Triple Trouble (known as Sonic & Tails 2 in Japan).
  • The first half of "Hammer-Spaced" was included in the previous Sonic Super Digest.

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