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SS 10 Final
Sonic Select
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Date Published 

January 2015

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Archie Comics

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Sonic Select Book 10 is the tenth and final book in the Sonic Select graphic novel series of reprints. It collects stories from numerous Archie Sonic comic titles.




  • "Unburying the Hatchet" (FCBD: #1)
  • "Some Enchantra Evening: Part 1" (StTW: #28)
  • "Some Enchantra Evening: Part 2" (SSS: #10)
  • "Running on Empty" (SSS: #8)
  • "At All Costs: Part 1- Fate Interrupted" (StH: #247)
  • "At All Costs: Part 2- A New Lease on Life" (StH: #252)
  • "Sonic Comic Origins: Sally- The Exiled Leader" (FCBD: #8)
  • "Sonic Comic Origins: Rotor- The Exiled Inventor" (FCBD: #8)
  • "Sonic Comic Origins: Antoine- Little Lost Soldier" (SSD: #8)
  • "Sonic Comic Origins: Bunnie- The Belle in the Machine" (SSD: #9)

Special Features

Background Information

SS GN 10

The original cover.

  • When first announced, the cover featured an earlier, non-finalised version of Bunnie's post-Super Genesis Wave design, and Antoine's nose was shown to be shorter. These were all changed for the final release.
  • This the second time "Running on Empty" has been reprinted in the series, it was previously reprinted in Book 5.


  • The reprint of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic cover omits the small picture of actress Melissa Joan Hart (since Archie may not have the rights to use her image in future Archie media now) and the comic story removes the captions that tell the reader to read a previous Sabrina story.