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The Sonic Legacy Series is a series of graphic novels published by Archie Comics, reprinting black-and-white versions of stories from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. Each book is over five hundred pages, containing an average of twenty issues worth of content as well as special features.

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Background Information

  • Similar to Sonic Select, each edition of Sonic Legacy is referred to as a "Book" instead of a "Volume".
  • This series is targeted for older audiences by containing more issues in black and white "in order to be competitive in a Marvel/DC graphic novel market," according to editor Paul Kaminski.
  • The Sonic Legacy Series was launched in 2011 to coincide with Sonic's 20th anniversary.
  • Book 1
    • Ben Bates forgot to sign the cover art once he'd drawn it. [1]
    • When one compares this book to later books, this book appears to be noticeably thicker than the others. This is actually due to later books being printed on thinner quality paper: in reality, all books thus far possess the same page count.
  • Book 3
    SL 3 Cover

    The original Sonic Legacy 3 cover (Geoffrey St. John can be seen in the top left-hand corner)

    • The cover art was first shown at New York Comic Con 2012, and later appeared as one of the posters in Sonic Super Special Magazine #5. The version first shown at NYCC included Geoffrey St. John dangling from a parachute in the top left corner, but the version used for the final cover and the poster had him removed.
    • The art style of the cover resembles the style used in the opening and ending animations of Sonic CD.
    • On the opening page of #40, which recaps the events of #39 and Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness, there is an unusual error in which certain words disappear. It was revealed by Jon Gray at BumbleKing that this error was due to the missing words being in red text, causing the text to not show up on the black plates, which removes the colour from the pages. The fact that the coloured letters had been removed was not noticed by the production team.
    • Upon closer inspection, the Sonic Super Special #6 cover shown in the book appears to be an early sketch version, as several minor differences can be seen when compared to the coloured version.
  • Book 4
    • So far, this book has only been released digitally through the Archie and Sonic Comic Apps and other digital book services. It's unknown whether the book will ever see a physical release.
    • Unlike previous volumes, this one doesn't show the cover for the next book at the back, nor is any indication made that a fifth volume is upcoming. Whether this means the series has been discontinued remains to be seen.


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