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Sonic Genesis
Sonic Genesis (GN)
Publication Details


Date Published 
  • April 2012 (hardcover)
  • November 2012 (softcover)
Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Patrick Spaziante

First Appearances

Sonic: Genesis is a graphic novel that reprints the story arc of the same name. It collects all four parts of the main story from StH#226-#229, plus selections from #225 and #230.


Part of SEGA's heavily promoted Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary event, this is what Sonic fans have been demanding - his fist deluxe hardcover edition! Sonic books are Archie's bestselling graphic novels. Sonic: Genesis is a highly collectible book with a foil-enhanced cover and features the biggest, most talked-about Sonic comic story of all time, a fresh origin story popular with regular readers and a great way to be introduced to Sonic. This story has already received coverage by Nintendo Power Magazine, Game Informer magazine, Newsarama and CRR. Sonic: Genesis features tons of brand new artwork from fan-favorite artists such as Tracy Yardley and Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, who is creating his highly-anticipated first interior Sonic story artwork in nearly ten years! Sonic the Hedgehog is a hugely successful, multimedia, instantly recognizable brand that has sold 70 million video games the world over. From the Saturday morning hit cartoon Sonic X to the classic SEGA games and everything in between, the Sonic comics incorporate characters and stories from all corner of the Sonic brand.



  • Prologue
    • The final seven pages of "One Step Forward..." (StH: #225)
  • Chapter 1
    • "Genesis: Part 1- In the Beginning..." (StH: #226)
  • Chapter 2
    • "Genesis: Part 2- Friends and Fate" (StH: #227)
  • Chapter 3
    • "Genesis: Part 3- Divide and Conquer" (StH: #228)
  • Chapter 4
    • "Genesis: Part 4- Reset" (StH: #229)
  • Epilogue

Special Features

Background Information

  • The cover art is from StH#226.
  • This is the first Sonic graphic novel title to be released as a hardcover.

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