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Sonic Boom (GN)
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Date Published 

December 14, 2016

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Archie Comics

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Sonic Boom Volume 2: Boom Shaka-laka is the second and final volume of the Sonic Boom Graphic Novel Series of reprints. It collects #5-#7 and #11 of the Archie Sonic Boom comic book series.




  • Chapter 1
    • "Eggtoberfest" (SB: #5)
  • Chapter 2
    • "Everybody's Super Sonic Racing: Part 1" (SB: #6)
  • Chapter 3
    • "Everybody's Super Sonic Racing: Part 2" (SB: #7)
  • Chapter 4
    • "Eggman Get's a Gorilla" (SB: #11)
    • "True Stories" (SB: #11)

Special Features

Background Information

Sonic Boom GN 2

Original cover

  • The cover art is from SB#6.
    • In earlier previews the cover art was that of SB#3.
  • The volume skips issues 8 through 10 as they are a part of the Worlds Unite crossover, which is reprinted in its own graphic novel series.