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Sonic The Beginning


Sonic Archives
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Date Published 
  • July 2003 (original print)
  • February 2009 (Archives rebrand)
Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Beginning, later rebranded as Sonic Archives Volume 0 is a graphic novel collecting the four issues of the Original Sonic Miniseries. Originally released as a standalone book, it was later rebranded and reissued as a Sonic Archives volume.


In 1993, Sonic the Hedgehog sped his way from video games to comic books. One decade later, "The Blue Blur" can lay claim to having the most successful comic book career of all video game heroes! Now, readers can enjoy his earliest comic book adventures with this special edition that reprints the first appearances of Tails, Princess Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Uncle Chuck, and Muttski. Fans can also marvel in awe and wonder at Sonic's magic rings, the freedom emeralds, and King Acorn's magic crown; while booing and hissing at the villainous Robotnik, his evil Swat-Bots, and his myriad dastardly devices!



Special Features

Background Information

  • The book only features the full length stories from the issues in question. The one-page gag strips and any pin-ups are omitted for unknown reasons.
  • Unlike its eventual Archives rebrand edition, as well as the rest of the Sonic Archives series, the original release was a full-sized graphic novel.
  • As an Archives volume, it is the only one to be released out of order with the rest of the volumes, being released in between volumes 9 and 10.