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Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Unite (GN)
Publication Details


Date Published 

November 2, 2016

Publishing Company 

Archie Comics

Production Staff
Cover Artist

Patrick Spaziante

First Appearances

Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Unite Volume 2: Broken Bonds is the second volume of the series that reprints the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover story Worlds Unite. It collects all four parts of the story's second act, plus stories from the Worlds Unite Battles issues.




  • Chapter 1
    • "Worlds Unite: Part 5- Everybody in Same Boat" (SU: #77)
  • Chapter 2
    • "Worlds Unite: Part 6- Fire in the Sky" (SB: #9)
  • Chapter 3
    • "Worlds Unite: Part 7- Gears and Wills" (StH: #274)
  • Chapter 4
    • "Worlds Unite: Part 8- Holes in Reality" (MM: #51)
  • Bonus Story
  • Battle 1
    • "Sonic Man vs the Robot Masters" (WUB: MM)
  • Battle 2

Special Features

Background Information

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