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Original Continuity

Soleanna is a Human/Overlander settlement on Mobius ruled by Princess Elise. It is one of the many city-states that were created as part of the Hidden City Initiative for mankind to survive the Xorda attack on Earth from thousands of years ago. Soleanna presently exists as a member of the United Federation and is located close enough to the Central City that it can be seen on a clear day from the top of Guardian Mountain. As a city from a forgotten time, its library contains documents and records of civilizations that have come and gone since its establishment. This benefited the Babylon Rogues when they visited the library on a bad lead from Storm, as they found a book written in ancient Babylonian with information on the location of the key to the long-lost Babylon Garden. (SU: #4, #33, SSSM: #1, #2)


Background Information

  • The city has yet to make an appearance in the comic, save for being mentioned by Hope Kintobor and Storm the Albatross in two issues of Sonic Universe.
  • Soleanna is a city from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) that is based off Venice, Italy and serves as the adventure field of the game.

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