First Appearance


Solaris has only been mentioned in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia
Biographical information

Transcendent life form/Super-dimensional being.

Physical description

Considered Male

Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Manipulation of Time and Space.
  • Can fire lasers.

Solaris is a supposed god of time, light, and fire. No one knows where it came from, but it was central in a religion practiced in Soleanna.


Solaris was a powerful creature that was experimented upon by the people of Soleanna, which caused it to split into the forms of Iblis and Mephiles. It was later reborn when Mephiles fused together with Iblis again, and threatened to destroy the world, but was thwarted by Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver. Sonic and Princess Elise then went back in time to prevent Solaris' splitting, thus erasing all these events from history. (S06)

Experimentation in Soleanna

Ten years ago, Solaris was a small white flame in the research labs of Soleanna; some believed it to be one of the Seven Ixis Master Works, while others believe it always existed. The people of Soleanna worshipped Solaris as their patron deity and held an annual ceremony to ask for its loving light and not its destructive fire. The Duke of Soleanna and his researchers, however, were experimenting with Solaris in an attempt to harness its time-warping powers. They ended up splitting the creature into two halves- Mephiles, the smokey spirit that consisted of power and intelligence and was trapped within a device called the Sceptor of Darkness by Shadow the Hedgehog, and Iblis, the spirit that consisted of Solaris's fiery power and destructive nature and was sealed within the Duke's daugther, Princess Elise, through the use of a Chaos Emerald, which killed the Duke in the process. Years later Solaris was revived as Mephiles reunited with Iblis, but was defeated and erased from history (CSE))

Background Information

  • "Solaris" is a Latin word meaning "partaining to the sun".
  • Solaris was first hinted to have existed in the Archieverse when Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was originally confirmed to have happened in the Archieverse in an Ask Ian thread on the Bumbleking Comics forums. Later, in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, the plot details, along with Solaris, were explained.
  • Mephiles makes a cameo in the Zone Jail in the Scourge: Lockdown arc of Sonic Universe, implying that part of Solaris may have survived. Though it is also possible that this is an alternate Mephiles.

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