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Snottingham Castle is the former royal residence of the ruling family of Mercia, and became the headquarters of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion under Mordred Hood. Under Mordred's reign, the castle received added fortifications and became the prison of many of Mercia's citizens who lived out in the open rather than taking refuge in Deerwood Forest. Lord Hood was also summoned from here to a meeting of the Dark Egg Legion Grandmasters aboard the Death Egg Mark 2. Despite his efforts to improve the castle's defenses, Snottingham Castle was accessible by a secret tunnel, which was utilized by Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel to infiltrate the fortress. Despite the intrusion, Hood left it open as a trap for future expeditions, and got his wish when the Mercian Freedom Fighters and other members of the Chaotix arrived on a mission to locate the missing pair and free Lord Hood's other prisoners. (SU: #37, #46)

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