Snively's Beater
Biographical information

3237 (destroyed same year)


Dr. Eggman


Egg Beater

Physical description

Snively Robotnik

  • Colour: Green and white
  • Teleportation beams
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Teleportation of other objects
  • Flight
  • Super strength

Snively's Beater was a power armor-like mecha designed by Dr. Eggman and piloted by Snively Robotnik during the Destruction of Knothole in 3237. A stripped-down version of his uncle's own Egg Beater, it bore a green and white paint scheme to imitate Snively's uniform and featured a long protruding cockpit modeled after his rather prominent nose. Snively used it to attack Freedom HQ and used the Beater's teleportation beams to send most of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix to the Egg Grape Chambers before activating the Beater's self-destruct mechanism and escaping to rejoin his uncle.


Attack On Freedom HQ

Per Eggman's orders, Snively attacked Freedom HQ to distract the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix from the destruction of Knothole. He defeated most of the heroes by teleporting them to the Egg Grapes in New Megaopolis, making it appear as though he actually killed them. Snively would have succeeded in capturing all but Sonic the Hedgehog as instructed, if he had not made one fatal mistake: teleporting Ray the Squirrel prior to Mighty the Armadillo. (StH: #175)

Defeat and Self-Destruction

Enraged at believing his timid friend was dead, Mighty lost all self-control and poured every bit of his fury into his already incredible strength. He proceeded to attack Snively's Beater by ripping off one of its arms and using it as a club to pulverize the rest, practically destroying the mech all by himself. Before the finishing blow could be delivered, Snively managed to beam Mighty away to a reinforced Egg Grape, but his Beater was too badly damaged to continue the attack against his remaining targets. Deciding that his job was done, Snively activated a self-destruct program in his mech before detaching the cockpit to make his escape. The machine exploded, levelling what remained of Freedom HQ and almost killing Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy, while Snively flew away in his cockpit-turned-escape shuttle and gave a hint of what was really happening in Knothole. Snively would continue to monitor the assault from his shuttle and provide tactical information to Dr. Eggman in his Egg Beater until the end of the invasion. (StH: #175)

Background Information

  • Had SEGA not intervened with the initial plans for StH: #175, E-123 Omega would have taken over Snively's role of destroying Freedom HQ. (1)

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