Fleming and Smiley (right) holding Tasmanian Devils.

Smiley is a former Commander in the Royal Army and an old friend of Lieutenant Fleming who joined the Rebel Underground after Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup. As a member of the Rebel Underground, Smiley helped Sally's trainees during one of their early missions, by locating and helping to heal the injured Arlo. He later returned to act as a body guard for King Max.


Fighting Robotnik and Afterwards

Smiley and his friend Fleming joined the Rebel Underground under Geoffrey St. John's command following Robotnik's coup. He and Fleming participated in an attack on the last energy substation of Robotropolis's defense grid with Sally Acorn's missing trainees and helped to defeat his Stealth Bots. During Operation: EndGame, he and Fleming handled Tasmanian Devils used for tracking down the escaped convict, Sonic. After Robotnik's death, Smiley and the rest of the Rebel Underground joined up with the Knothole Freedom Fighters to restore their decrepit capital of Mobotropolis. (StH: #48, #49, #50, #54, SSS: #2, PSM: #3)

Smiley served at the Devil's Gulag temporarily while Kodos and Uma Arachnis were transported there, learning how they became crystallized from Fleming. He and the rest of the guards were later injured and incarcerated by several escaped convicts, though he recovered under the care of Dr. Quack. (StH: #63, #69)