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Smilebug Profile

A Smilebug.

A Smilebug is a type of bug that pesters and "trolls" others.


During Kyle the Gorilla's road to financial independence, Smilebugs tormented the clumsy gorilla by tripping him. A Smilebug was later seen pestering Amy Rose at her home. Another was later seen eating leaves at Dr. Eggman's Lair. (SB: #11)


The Smilebug looked like an ordinary bug, resembling a cricket. They had a lime green abdomen, a pair of green elytra which hid a set of transparent wings underneath them, and six legs, each wearing a red boot. They also had a round green head with a lime green lower jaw, a pair of lime green antennas, and large black eyes.


The Smilebugs were extremely mischievous and smug. They purposely sew discord among people with annoying or rude behavior, with the intent of provoking their victims into an emotional response, all with a constant smug smile. Their diet appeared to consist of leaves.

Powers and abilities

The Smilebugs were very fast and agile for their size, much like the common housefly. They also possessed the ultimate trolling skills, knowing just what to do to upset their victims.

Background Information

  • The Smilebug is a parody of the internet troll, which is a person who deliberately sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people. The Smilebug's smiling expression is as well a parody of the trollface phenomenon.

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