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First Appearance

Sonic Super Special #10

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Hair: Yellow
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Black cape
  • Black boots
  • Black bounty hunter suit with grey emblem
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Brute strength

Sleet is a Wolf bounty hunter who hails from the Sonic Underground dimension. He is partners with Dingo and, together, have a reoccurring employer in Dr. Robotnik.


Sleet and Dingo made contact with Evil Sonic who came to the Underground Zone searching for pieces of the Giant Borg for Robo-Robotnik. The two bounty hunters would mistake him for their local version of Sonic the Hedgehog and proceeded to capture him and bring him to Dr. Robotnik. (SSS: #10)

The two bounty hunters gave Evil Sonic to their employer. Evil Sonic would mistake the Underground Robotnik for Robo-Robotnik and give him all the pieces of the Giant Borg. Despite this, Dr. Robotnik had Sleet and Dingo taken away to a confinement cell to await robotization. (SSS: #10)

Sleet and Dingo would be seen later leaving the prison, Dingo asking Sleet if they would receive raises for capturing Sonic the Hedgehog. An aristocrat-disguised Sonia and Manic would successfully sneak beyond the two clueless bounty hunters so they could free Evil Sonic. (SSS: #10)

Background Information

  • Both Dingo and Sleet have extreme visual differences between SSS: #10 and the actual Sonic Underground TV show, such as Dingo having green hair in the comic but on the show it's yellow.
  • In the Sonic Underground TV Series, Sleet also has a remote control that could shapeshift Dingo into anything he wished, oddly, this wasn't seen in the comics.

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