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For more information on the series outside Worlds Unite, see the Skies of Arcadia Wiki.

Skies of Arcadia is a video game produced by Sega and one of numerous franchises involved in the Worlds Unite crossover with Capcom.

Characters and Concepts

Skies of Arcadia Crew

Aika, Drachma, Vyse, Enrique, Gilder, and Fina.


  • The Blue Rogues-a group of noble sky pirates.
    • Vyse-the teenage leader of a small crew of Blue Rogues.
For the version of this character who appeared in the Another Time, Another Place reality, see Vyse
    • Aika-a young woman who wields a massive boomerang in combat.
    • Fina-a mystically talented girl with a somewhat revealing dress who is Vyse and Aika's best friend.
    • Drachma-an elderly Blue Rogue with a score to settle against a flying whale that left him badly disfigured and killed his family.
    • Enrique-a former prince of the evil Valuan Empire who joined the Blue Rogues to help bring down his evil family.
    • Gilder-a ladies' man and ally of Vyse and his friends.


  • Galcian-the villainous leader of the Valuan Empire Armada.



  • Delphinus-the ship used by Vyse and his crew.

Background Information

  • Skies of Arcadia is the only non-Sonic franchise-aside from Archie Mega Man-to have been featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics before appearing in Worlds Unite. This occurred as a result of Vyse appearing in Sonic Universe #45, an adapt of the game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  • Drachma's character and backstory are noted for being based on Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, whereas Aika has been noted for being similar to Sticks the Badger. The primary difference between the two is that Aika was created before Sticks, whereas Ahab predates Drachma by 149 years.

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