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Sir Peckers with Tig Stripe

Sir Peckers was one of the Original Freedom Fighters and a Mobian woodpecker who founded Knothole as the secret base.


Freedom Fighter

A loyal member of the Kingdom of Acorn, Sir Peckers was knighted as a result of his heroism in the Great War, in which he served in the dangerous position of courier for the Kingdom of Acorn. After Mobotropolis fell, Sir Peckers joined the Original Freedom Fighters, and was one of its more level-headed members. Sir Peckers agreed with Tig Stripe that their group lacked the proper resources necessary to fight a full scale war against Dr. Ivo Robotnik's empire, instead agreeing that hit and run tactics were the best way. Sir Peckers was also the one who flew to other areas of Mobius to spread the word of their organization and to rally up other Mobians to oppose Robotnik's rule. Sir Peckers was roboticized along with the rest of the group after Trey Scales betrayed them. Their roboticized bodies were then banished to the Zone of Silence, and were later destroyed by Feist. (StH: #142, #143, CSE)

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