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Original Continuity

Silver Sonic III
Silver Sonic
First Appearance

Sonic Quest #3

Biographical information
  • Silver Sonic v1.0
    • 3235 (destroyed same year)
  • Silver Sonic v2.0
    • 3236 (destroyed same year)
  • Silver Sonic v3.0
    • 3237
  • Silver Sonic v1.0
    • Badnik
  • Silver Sonic v2.0
    • Badnik
  • Silver Sonic v3.0
    • Badnik
Physical description

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Silver Sonic v1.0
    • Colour: Silver
    • Eyes: Red/Black
  • Silver Sonic v2.0
    • Colour: Silver
    • Eyes: Red/Yellow
    • Power Supply: Unlimited
  • Silver Sonic v3.0
    • Colour: Silver
    • Eyes: Red/Yellow
    • High-speed foot rollers
  • Silver Sonic v1.0
    • Powerful steel fists
  • Silver Sonic v2.0
    • Wrist laser cannons
    • Wrist missile launches
    • Grappling cables
  • Silver Sonic v3.0
    • Armor Plated Spines
    • Claws
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Silver Sonic v1.0
    • Flight
    • Super strength
  • Silver Sonic v2.0
    • Flight
    • Super Strength
    • Super Speed
  • Silver Sonic v3.0
    • Super strength
    • Enhanced speed
    • Spin-dash rolling attack

Silver Sonic was one of many robotic duplicates of Sonic the Hedgehog created by Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman. The original, Silver Sonic v1.0, was created by Robotnik to defend the original Death Egg and was built using data from Sonic's roboticized form, Mecha Sonic. Dr. Eggman's original Silver Sonic, Silver Sonic v2.0, was used to attack Station Square before being reprogrammed to defend that city. A modified and larger version, Silver Sonic v3.0, was first deployed to attack the invaders of the Death Egg Mark 2. Similar in design to the first model, its massive size is compensated by the ability to spin into a ball like Sonic and engage the blue hedgehog in hand-to-hand combat while deflecting most of his attacks. Another model, considered to be Silver Sonic v3.1, was later deployed against Team Fighters. After Mobius' reality was drastically altered, Silver Sonic (whose model number is now unknown) became a Badnik Horde Commander.


Protector of the Death Egg (v1.0)

When Robotnik's massive creation the Death Egg finally ascended into the sky, Sonic and Tails realized it needed to be stopped. While they quickly disposed of the SWATbot crew and guards, Sonic found his match by the massive station's defender - Silver Sonic. Despite his attacks, Silver Sonic's exoskeleton proved invulnerable to the blue hedgehog's best hits. The towering machine managed to nearly knock Sonic unconscious with a single hit, but in doing so exposed electrical wires from inside the Death Egg. Before he could stomp Sonic out of existence, Sonic used the cables to send thousands of volts of electricity into Silver Sonic, destroying its primary brain circuits and rendering it inoperable.

Robotnik, having seen his robotic creation stopped by Sonic, put on his Eggs-O-Skeleton armor so he could battle Sonic himself. However, he soon discovered Sonic to be controlling Silver Sonic's body from inside its head. While Robotnik put up a valiant fight, Silver Sonic's power proved too much, and Sonic sent him flying out of the Death Egg. Shortly afterwards, Tails activated the station's self-destruct sequence. Sonic and Tails dropped out of the Death Egg in Silver Sonic's body and landed safely on Mobius. Shortly afterwards the Death Egg blew up. (SQM: #3)

Attacking Station Square and Reprogrammed (v2.0)

Prior to his summoning of the water creature Chaos, Dr. Eggman began working on at least two robotic duplicates of his most hated enemy; Sonic the Hedgehog. The two completed models were held in cryotubes on board the Egg Carrier. However, before he would use them, Eggman unleashed his other newly created robots, the E-100 Series. After Chaos was defeated by Super Sonic and returned to the Black Emerald, Eggman was adamant on getting revenge, specifically against Sonic. He decided Silver Sonic II was the robot for the job.

Silver Sonic II was finally released from its cryotube and unleashed against a vulnerable Station Square. It caught the Knothole Freedom Fighters off guard during a farewell celebration, and began its attack. Despite being attacked by the combined might of Big the Cat, Tails, Amy, Sally and Bunnie Rabbot, Silver Sonic II easily handled them; however, when Sonic entered the fight, it found itself at odds with the speedy hedgehog. (StH: #82, #85)

After its Sonic-tracking missiles failed to hit their target, Silver Sonic II brought Sonic underneath an apartment complex. It took down the structure's main support beam, causing the building to collapse in the hopes of it crushing Sonic. Silver Sonic II emerged unscathed, with no sign of Sonic. Believing Sonic to have died, the robotic replica took off. While flying over the city, Sonic broke out from under the ground and grabbed onto the machine's legs. (StH: #85)

SilverSonic2 01

Silver Sonic II flying away after chasing Eggman out of the city

Just before Silver Sonic II could blast Sonic with its lasers, Sonic let go, causing Silver Sonic II to blow apart its leg and send its foot flying. Tails managed to grab Sonic in mid air to prevent him from falling to his death, but Silver Sonic II's steel foot happened to hit Tails in the head, knocking him out. Angered at the sight of his young friend injured, Sonic decapitated his robo-duplicate with a Spin Dash, causing it's body to crash and go limp. (StH: #85)

Realizing that Station Square would still be vulnerable to attack as soon as they left, and that Dr. Eggman would likely return to the city to repair Silver Sonic II, Nate Morgan reprogrammed the bot to serve as the city's protector against the mad scientist, in addition to repairing it. When Eggman returned to the city, Silver Sonic II quickly chased him out of it, following him until Eggman fell into a hole which led to his maternal grandfather's underground base. (StH: #85, #98)

City's Defender


Silver Sonic II fighting Shadow

Some time later, Shadow the Hedgehog came to Station Square, having been recently released by Dr. Eggman. His objective was to break into the city's bank and steal their only Chaos Emerald so that he could perform Chaos Control. Silver Sonic II realized Shadow was a threat and attempted to prevent the theft from occurring. However, it arrived on the scene too late, and Shadow simply used his Chaos Control to destroy Silver Sonic II once and for all. Its remains were picked up by detective J.J. Moto and examined, and he has not been seen since. (StH: #98)

Guarding the New Death Egg (v3.0)


Badly damaged, Silver Sonic pursues relentlessly.

After Dr. Eggman launched his EggDome into the sky as the new Death Egg Mark 2, Sonic and Princess Sally Acorn successfully invaded the gargantuan station. Dr. Eggman then told the two through a speaker that, in order to have an audience with him, they would have to prove that they still were a challenge. Silver Sonic v3.0 then burst through the elevator they had taken, and Sonic eagerly fought his giant robotic self. The battle turned out to partly be a distraction, as Dr. Eggman then launched his new weapon on Mobius while Sally was gunned down by a hidden cannon. Hearing the shots, Sonic took a blow from Silver Sonic while distracted, and was unable to do anything for Sally as the world turned white... (StH: #225)

After the world had been restored and taken slightly back in time, Silver Sonic was still engaged with Sonic in battle. Sonic then spin-dashed Silver Sonic off balance as he had just seconds to save Sally, but the massive robot quickly recovered. Silver Sonic then pursued him down a hallway, eventually taking the turret shots originally meant for Sally, and was believed destroyed. Silver Sonic survived the blasts with heavy damage however, catching up with them in the World-Roboticizer's chamber, and worked in tandem with Metal Sonic in a renewed fight against Sonic. Once the Roboticizer was fired though, both robots got caught up in the energy of its beam and exploded. Silver Sonic was completely destroyed by the blast and its remains were then dumped out of a garbage chute by Egg Mites soon after. (StH: #230, #231)

Attacking Feral Forest (v3.1)

Silver Sonic v3.1 attacks

Silver Sonic v3.1 surprises Sonic.

The third Silver Sonic variant was rebuilt as v3.1 and attacked Sonic the Hedgehog in Feral Forest when Sonic tried to stop Mecha Sally from attempting to assassinate her brother and his family. Eventually, T-Pup assisted Sonic by using a device on its head to place Silver Sonic in a type of stasis. Later, the citizens of Feral Forest were seen holding Silver Sonic's arms with rope, providing the assumption that it was destroyed or dismantled, as Sonic, Tails, and Amy helped clean up. (StH: #239)


Unlike its counterpart Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic lacked a personality, instead following the silent, brawn-over-brain persona. Additionally, Silver Sonic was far stronger physically than Sonic, but its slow speed and lack of intelligence allowed the hedgehog to defeat it.

Silver Sonic v2.0 carried a surprisingly large personality, mirroring the actual Sonic the Hedgehog's, and even using some of his regular quotes, such as "way past". Despite this, however, it had no compunction about harming others, though its primary objective was to kill Sonic the Hedgehog. After it was reprogrammed by Nate Morgan, it fought as a protector against evil and stood up for justice. (StH: #85)

Silver Sonic v3.0, like v1.0, did not have any personality. It busted through a tiny entrance that was an elevator and proceeded to fight Sonic the Hedgehog without hesitation and pursued him relentlessly despite after taking heavy damage, making this robot most likely just a mindless weapon. (StH: #225, #230)


First Body (Silver Sonic v1.0)

SilverSonic1 01

Silver Sonic v1.0 was far stronger physically than Sonic, but its slow speed and lack of intelligence allowed the hedgehog to defeat it. After being shorted out by a powerful energy surge, it could be operated like a battlesuit from inside.

Second Body (Silver Sonic v2.0)


Silver Sonic v2.0 was faster and flight-equipped, as well as possessing actual weaponry. It was also much smaller than it's first variant, Silver Sonic v1.0.

Third Body (Silver Sonic v3.0)

Silver Sonic III

Silver Sonic v3.0 is a perfect blend of its previous incarnations, combining size and power with speed and maneuverability. Like many Sonic robots, it as the ability to replicate many of Sonic's moves, including the Spin-Dash. Silver Sonic v3.0 works well with other robots, notably Metal Sonic. (CSE)

Background Information

  • The current version of Silver Sonic seems to look more like its Silver Sonic v2.0 variant in terms of details, but more like its Silver Sonic v1.0 variant in terms of size.
  • Silver Sonic II can be seen inside one of the cryotubes inside Eggman's Mystic Ruins Base Adventure Field level in the game Sonic Adventure. Though featuring slightly different colors in the game, Silver Sonic II was based off this model, and it can be assumed they are the same robot.
  • The first Silver Sonic was invented by the original Robotnik, during the Sonic Quest Miniseries. This version was based on the second-last boss of the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2, though its comic version was not as visually similar to his game counterpart as Silver Sonic II was to its.
  • Silver Sonic was the Archieverse equivalent to the second last level boss of the Genesis game Sonic 2. Unlike his videogame counterpart, Silver Sonic in the comics was much slower and 10 times the size of Sonic, lacking many of the video game version's special attacks as well. There was also a Silver Sonic in Sonic 2 on the Game Gear, but that version was smaller and much weaker, and looked even less like the comic version.
  • Because Silver Sonic was in both the Genesis and Game Gear version of Sonic 2, this is technically the original mechanical Sonic, as its debut predates both Metal Sonic and Pseudo Sonic.
  • It was stated on the Archie Sonic blog that this Silver Sonic's design was based on Mecha Sonic's schematics. (1)

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