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Sigma's Fortress was the base of operations for the Maverick leader Sigma just prior to his taking over the Lost Hex. Located in a frigid environment, it was guarded by a force of Mavericks and Mechaniloids led by Vile and contained a device that Sigma could use to open Genesis Portals. The Maverick Hunters launched massive offensive on this location in an effort to destroy Sigma once and for all, with X penetrating the fortress while Axl and Zero engaged Vile. However, Sigma had been prepared for the attack, and proceeded to beam himself through a portal to Sonic's World. Fortunately, Silver the Hedgehog arrived to help Axl and Zero halt Vile in his tracks, and he then assisted the heroes in opening another Genesis Portal to pursue Sigma. However, despite using Sigma's own device, Silver's lack of experience opening Genesis Portals as opposed to closing them resulted in the trio of Hunters ending up in the Sonic Boom Zone. (SU: #76; WUB: MM; SB: #8)

Background Information

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