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The Shrink Ray, also known as the Reduce/Enlarge component of Dr. Ivo Robotniks Roboticizer, was a device used a number of times by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. It was first used against the villainous Universalamander in order to shrink him down to a manageable size by Super Sonic. Later, when the villain returned, the device was used against him again only to cause him to grow as a result of a modification made to Universalamander by Robotnik that reversed any energy turned against him. However, the Freedom Fighters overcame this challenge by creating a device designed to make Universalamander grow-and thus shrinking him once again. Sonic later employed it again after his fellow Freedom Fighters were infected by Robotnik's French Frirus, which allowed him to join forces with Rotor Walrus' Auntie Bodies and combat the artificial disease. (StH: #4, #33; SA: #5

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