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Current Continuity

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Shijin Warriors
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #281

Form of Group and Statistics

Freedom Fighter group

Resident location 
  • Shijin Shine
Other names
  • Dulcy's Team
  • Chun-Nan Freedom Fighters

The Shijin Warriors are a Freedom Fighter group formed by Dulcy the Dragon and stationed in Shijin Shine. They work to oppose the Yurashia Egg Army and their Egg Clan.



After meeting the Knothole Freedom Fighters for the first time, Dulcy was inspired to form her own team and not only stand against the Eggman Empire, but also inspire change among different clans in Yurashia. Dulcy sent out a "call of arms" in hopes of rallying various clan members together, but only three answered the call.

Shattered World Crisis

Background Information

  • Each member of the Shijin Warriors are based from one of the Four Symbols in Chinese mythology, with Dulcy representing the Dragon, Jian represents the Tiger, Bunker represents the Tortoise, and Cinder represents the Bird.

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