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Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic X) is an alternate counterpart of Shadow the Hedgehog.


From Revenge to Heroic Sacrifice

Like his Prime Zone counterpart, Shadow was created 50 years earlier by Professor Gerald and befriended his granddaughter, whom he had witnessed the death of at the hands of a G.U.N. soldier. After being awoken 50 years on by the professors grandson, Dr. Eggman, Shadow swore revenge on the people of Earth for what transpired years prior. Numerous times he'd crossed paths and butted heads with Sonic the Hedgehog, whom had been blamed for Shadow's recent bad deeds due to the hedgehog's heavy resemblance to each other. With the help of Eggman, Shadow was finally on the verge of carrying out his revenge, until the emotional pleas of Chris Thorndyke made him remember the dying wish of the professors granddaughter to protect the world. With the plans to destroy the world already set in motion, Shadow aided Sonic in preventing the carnage, an effort that would have the Ultimate Lifeform seemingly perish. (TV: Shadow Saga, SX: #18)

In actuality, Shadow was rescued by Dr. Eggman. Unbeknown to the heroes, Shadow currently rests in suspended animation at Eggman's tower base. (SX: #40)

Background Information

  • Shadows story continued in the Meterex Saga of the Sonic X anime. However the events of the comic take place before said saga.

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