Pre-SGW icon

Shadow amongst other victims of Enerjak.

Prelate Horde

Shadow's Prelate in Enerjak's horde.

Shadow the Hedgehog is an alternate version of Shadow the Hedgehog from the world of Dark Mobius. Shadow's early history was presumably identical to that of his Mobius Prime counterpart, up until the rise of Enerjak. Just as his Mobius Prime self was unable to defeat the Mobius Prime Knuckles the Echidna when he became Enerjak, Shadow was defeated. His Core was then removed and later used to create a Prelate that Enerjak sent against Silver the Hedgehog to no avail. (SU: #25, #28)

Background Information

  • It is unknown what happened after Enerjak's defeat but it is assumed since Jani-Ca became the new Enerjack his core was placed back into his body, though this is never revealed.

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