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Biographical information


Physical description


  • Black, grey and pink Marauder body armour
  • Black, grey and pink Marauder boots
  • Black, grey and pink Marauder helmet
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Martial arts
  • Leadership skills

Shade is an Nocturnus Clan Echidna who was sealed into the Twilight Cage.


Shade was transported to the Twilight Cage during the Argus Event after the war against the Knuckles Clan, she currently resides there with the rest of her clan as Imperator Ix plans to take over Mobius. (CSE)


Shade's counterpart is a skilled martial artist, able to take down opponents with strength and power much greater than her own with ease, likely meaning Shade has these traits. (StH: #191)


Shade's counterpart appears to be a cunning individual and, although her fellow Marauders don't seem to mind it, is opposed to unnecessary violence and killing, and even regrets being forced to go into battle and doing harm to her enemies. She also shows respect to skilled individuals even if they are her enemies, likely meaning that Shade has these traits. (StH: #191)

Background Information

  • Writer Ian Flynn has stated that he would like to feature Shade in another story and already has ideas for one, but is still waiting for authorization to publish it. (1)
  • It is possible Shade was based on Julie-Su as they share some of the same personality and also have similar backstories. Prelate-JS, a robotic soldier created from Julie-Su's Core in an alternate future, is similar in coloring to the fully armored Shade, possibly as a nod to the similarity.
    • With Julie-Su's removal from the comics due to legal problems with former writer Ken Penders, some fans have speculated that she may eventually be replaced by Shade or a character like her.  However, this has not been confirmed as of yet.
  • In The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, Shade's first appearance is listed as being in StH#191, even though the version of Shade seen in that issue was actually a different version from an alternate reality. The Prime Zone version of her has yet to appear physically in the series.

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