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From left to right: Sasha, Rory and Snaggle.

Sasha Cat was an orphaned Mobian cat who was left in the care of Rosie along with Rory and Snaggle following Dr. Eggman's rise to power; the trio were sometimes looked after and told stories by Mina Mongoose after her arrival in Knothole Village as well. When an angry Monkey Khan arrived and disrupted Mina's victory concert, she, along with Rory and Snaggle, threw rocks at him. However, Sonic stopped them and tried to reason with them, adding that Rosie had taught them better than that. Later, when the Iron Queen took control of Bunnie D'Coolette, the trio pleaded with Monkey Khan, convincing him to attempt to save her. They later supported him, having forgiven him for his earlier actions. (StH: #78, #90, #153, #201, #203)


Sasha is a young black cat, but the details of her design have varied wildly from artist to artist. She is sometimes black and white, or black and violet; her eye colour has shifted multiple times as well, including blue, gold and purple. She often has a small shock of bangs, but artist Jon Gray has given her longer, somewhat poofy hair as well as a blue heart-themed outfit. Otherwise, she tends to wear a green vest and boots.

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