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Santa Claus is a mythical figure associated with the holiday of Christmas, described as a fat, bearded human who wears a red suit and delivers presents to good boys and girls on the night before that holiday. He figures in the folklore of the Sonic X Zone, Earth 20XX, and Mobius Prime-at least during the time it was reset by the second Genesis Wave in the case of the latter, this being indicated by Dr. Eggman comparing Dr. Light to "Santa Claus in a lab coat." (SX: #15; MM: #26)

In the Sonic X Zone, Sonic learnt about the concept of Santa from Chris Thorndyke, the existence of whom Sonic doubted. Upon learning of the figure, Dr. Eggman took on his guise in an attept to trick the citizens of Station Square into capturing and handing over Sonic. (SX: #15)

Background Information

  • It is unknown if Santa Clause truly exists in either universe. While regarded as a legend, there does appear to be evidence supporting his existence.
  • Santa Claus has appeared in some form in a number of other Sonic the Hedgehog series:
    • He was kidnapped and replaced with a robot by Dr. Robotnik in Sonic Christmas Blast, a Christmas special for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog that also featured a version of Sally Acorn.
    • His British counterpart Father Christmas appeared in the Fleetway Sonic the Comic series.
    • Santa or material inspired by him appears in various Sonic games, such as Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Winter Games.

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