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The Chaotix and Harry riding on a Sandcrawler

The Sandcrawler is a dangerous species of giant worms native to the Sandopolis desert on Angel Island. Knuckles first encountered one of these creatures when it tried to eat him and Archimedes after being teleported there to die by the first Enerjak. Archimedes managed to lure it into smashing into a boulder and kill itself by using his fire-breathing ability to attract it, indicating that Sandcrawlers track their prey by thermal perception. The worms are apparently edible as both of them sustained themselves on its remains that following evening, and General Von Stryker commented on how well the hunting of them was going when the Dingoes were exiled to the Sandopolis oasis. During Knuckles's search for Dr. Finitevus, he, along with Mighty and Julie-Su rode with Harry to some ancient ruins on the edge of Sandopolis and Angel Island via Sandcrawler. This suggest that they can be tamed and used as mounts. (KM: #2, SU: #9)

Background Information

  • The sandcrawlers bare an eerie resemblance to the sandworm enemies in Desert Ruins Zone act 1 of Sonic Lost World, as well as the giant worms seen during the Sonic Underground episode "Mummy Dearest". It is unknown if they are related.
  • In its first appearance, a sandcrawler attacks Knuckles and Archimedes, who kills it by tricking it into slamming into a large rock. This may indicate that the encounter and the sandcrawlers are a reference to the Tremors movie series and the Graboids, respectively.

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