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Prehistoric Sally

Salugh is the prehistoric counterpart/ancestor of Sally Acorn and part of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters. Like her teammates, she initially lived in fear of the surface of Prehistoric Mobius and the dangers there, notably the caveman Ivo Robughnik. However, when the modern day Sonic the Hedgehog came to their world, he introduced them to a new way of life, in which they could enjoy the surface but maintain safety by creating natural hiding places. Salugh quickly took to the new lease on life, inventing the shovel and taking charge of her fellow Freedom Fighters, somewhat to the dismay of Sonugh the Boghog. (StH: #12)

Background Information

  • Salugh shares the look of Sally Acorn from the early comics, in which Sally had pink fur and brown hair. Sally's appearance later changed, and this look was explained as the result of her falling into a vat of toxic chemicals. Why Salugh would share this look is unknown, as the character was never revisited.
  • Salugh's attire may be based on that of Wilma and Betty from the Flintstones, notably with her toga-like dress and bone-hair clip.

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