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Sally McAcorn was an alternate version of Princess Sally Acorn from the Litigopolis Zone. She was Sonic the Hedgehog's defense attorney against Johnny Snively when he was in brought from Mobius Prime to stand trial before the J.U.D.G.E. for a crime Evil Sonic committed. She explained to Sonic how Litigopolis had become a dystopia ruled by overly harsh laws with strict penalties, and how King Acorn had been imprisoned for his failure to impose stronger laws. However, thanks to her help, Sonic was able to overwhelm J.U.D.G.E. by committing multiple crimes in a short period, allowing room for a new, more fair world order. However, before Sally could reward Sonic with a kiss for his help, Zonic sent Sonic back to his own Mobius. (SSS: #14)

Background Information

  • Sally McAcorn is a parody of the character Ally McBeal from the television show of the same name. Coincidentally, mainstream Sally uses the alias of "Aly" in the romance column of the Knothole News to help others with their love problems.

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