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Queen Sally

Queen Sally Acorn was the queen of the Kingdom of Acorn in an alternate future version of Mobius. Having obtained a scroll in her youth from her late mentor Julayla, she went on to marry Sonic the Hedgehog and pair were crowned king and queen. Happily settled with her husband, her father Max and children Sonia and Manik. Having lost her own beloved computer NICOLE in the final battle with their version of Dr. Robotnik, Sally commissioned the construction of a duplicate by Rotor, which she then sent to Mobius Prime to aid her younger counterpart there. (StH: #119, IYF)

Queen Sally had a chance encounter with Robotnik Prime along with her family when he was inadvertently transported to their zone by E.V.E.. Queen Sally was worried that their Robotnik had survived the final battle, but was comforted by her husband, who reminded her he had died and suggested what they had just witnessed was a freak of nature. Unfortunately, their version of Robotnik was in fact still alive, and after receiving inspiration from Robotnik Prime during his time in their universe, he rebuilt his body and nuked Queen Sally's capital of Mobotropolis, killing her and the rest of the Royal Family. (StH: #22, #75)

Background Information

  • Former head writer Ken Penders considered Dr. Eggman to be the same entity as the original Robo-Robotnik featured in StH: #19, which would have made this version of Sally the same individual as Cyborg Sally. However, head writer Ian Flynn retconned the decision and identifies both realities separately, meaning that Future Sally and Cyborg Sally are two separate individuals.