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Sallactor is an alternate version of Sally Acorn from the Sentai Zone, another version of Mobius. Like Alicia Acorn of Moebius, she differs from the Prime Sally in having a malevolent disposition, and came to Mobius Prime to attack Sonic the Hedgehog. However, her movements were detected by Zonic the Zone Cop, who arrived with her arch-foes, the Sonicaman Chaos Ninja Team, to stop her before taking Sonic to help out in another version of Mobius. (SSS: #12)

Background Information


Spaz's sketch of Sallactor from StH

  • Sallactor's name is obviously based on Galactor, the prime antagonists in the Gatchaman series. However, Galactor was a group and not one individual. Her attire seems to be based on that of Sosai X's, the mastermind behind the organization.

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