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Original Continuity


Sabina was a Mobian Dragon and the mother of Dulcy. Sabina was captured and roboticized along with many others of her kind. They were the only beings on Mobius who were not de-roboticized by the Bem due to their magical properties. Sabina and the other roboticized dragons were eventually destroyed in an ill-fated attempt to invade the dragons' underground sanctuary of Vesuvio and roboticize its inhabitants, whom were able to repel the incursion and melt the roboticized dragons with a massed volley of flame breath. At first Dulcy believed this caused the death of her mother and the other roboticized dragons, but Glint, one of the elder dragons, revealed that a dragon's spirit is eternal, and that Sabina and all the others would be reincarnated in future generations. (StH: #29, #155, #156)

Background Information

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