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Ixis Naugus

Naugus, the ex-royal Wizard.

Royal Wizard is a title bestowed upon an individual of magical abilities in service to the Kingdom of Acorn.


Ixis Naugus offered his services to Frederick Acorn as Royal Wizard, and continued in that position under his son Maximillian Acorn. However, the arrival of Nate Morgan left him feeling threatened, as the Overlander's technology and Power Ring development rivaled his magic. As such, he formed an alliance with Warlord Kodos Lion to discredit Morgan, leading to the Overlander's eventual self-exile. However, Kodos later attempted to betray Naugus in their own efforts to conquer the kingdom, and Naugus departed for the Zone of Silence in anticipation of the Great War. The position would then be filled by Merlin Prower at the instruction of the Ancient Walkers. (CSE)

Background Information

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