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The Royal Army rallying behind King Max to attack Robotropolis and rescue Prince Elias

The Royal Army, also known as the War Ministry or Royal Military, is the collective military forces of the Kingdom of Acorn (later the Republic of Acorn) dedicated to protecting it, its citizens and its royal family from external or internal threats. The War Ministry was temporarily dismantled after the end of the Great War and the start of the First Robotnik War, but was reborn after King Max's return and Dr. Ivo Robotnik's death. During the Second Robotnik War, the Royal Army has taken part in some joint operations with Freedom Fighter groups, though the majority of combat operations against the Eggman Empire have been left in the hands of the Freedom Fighters.



Presumably, the Royal Army was formed fairly soon after the founding of the Kingdom of Acorn. The vast majority of troops in the army would end up being Bears, either the large Grizzlies or their smaller Brown Bear counterparts. After the devastation of the Great War, the army was further decimated by the rise of Dr. Robotnik. Though Armand D'Coolette led a staunch resistance, much of the army was among the early casualties-either killed or Roboticized-during the First Robotnik War. (CSE)


New Mobotropolis

With the relocation to New Mobotropolis, the Royal Army became the Republic of Acorn's ground defense force, as well as acting in a police function in the city. As such, they attempted to stop the Chaotix from stealing an aircraft from the King Frederick Airfield, but proved unsuccessful. One of the army's elite units, the Mes Braves Battalion, was stationed at Fort Acorn, where they came under attack by the Iron King, who quickly overpowered them and destroyed the fort. The main body of the army, including the Secret Service, was stationed at Royal Army Headquarters. (StH: 181, #207, CSE)

Organization Structure

Main Branches

Subsidiary Groups

Independent Groups

Known Members





Lower Ranks

Dolph - (active c. 3235)



  • Bows and arrows - the main projectile weaponry employed until Julian Kintobor took over as Warlord
  • Swords - The standard sidearm of the officers and standard soldiers of the army.
  • Explosives - Powerful explosives devices e.g. grenades are used in combat to great effect.
  • Rifles - Initially munitions technology, due to decrees put in place by previous Kings, were banned and held in disdain, but with open war with the Eggman Empire being declared, the ban on them was lifted by King Max. Energy weapons are used, though typically only after bows and arrows have proved ineffective.
  • Uniforms - The standard uniform is normally green combat camouflage fatigues & berets. Officers have more official-looking attire; blue & gold-studded jackets & trousers and red boots. Secret Service agents dawn full green camouflage uniforms.

Background Information

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